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Full Training Board: $2400 per month: Includes four lessons with Kama in the month.  Stabling includes feed, hay, bedding, daily stall cleaning, turnout, mane/tail/leg trims and blanketing, rehab treatment and medicinal administration (provided by owner/vet) as needed. Farm provides grooming and tack cleaning supplies, schooling pads, and laundering of all saddle pads and boots (provided by owner). All riders responsible for care and cleaning of their tack and blankets. Additional supplements to be paid for by horse owner. 

Additional lessons in the month for in-house boarders at $75 lesson.

Additional Pro rides in-house client: $50.00 per ride 

Professional Riding ship-in client: $75.00 per ride 



  • Semi-Private ship-in - $75.00

  • Private ship-in - $125.00

  • Extra lessons boarders -  $75.00


Show Riding: $50.00 boarders, $75.00 per class non-boarders

Show Training: $100.00 per day boarders, $125.00 per day non-boarders

Show Day Fees:

  • Full-$75.00 per day-boarders, $100.00 per day-non boarders: Includes grooming, bathing, wrapping, feeding, mucking, unbraiding, and preparing for show ring each day.

  • Partial-$25.00 per day-boarders, $45.00 per day-non boarders: Includes stall set up, feeding and mucking each day.

All riders are responsible for cleaning their tack.

Hotels, staff out-of-town expenses, tack/feed stalls, feed and bedding prorated.

Single Participant Show Fees:

  • Show Riding-$50.00 per class-boarders, $75.00 per class-non boarders

  • Show Training-$200.00

  • 10% of prize money

Equipment/Supply use:

Use of any stable owned equipment, including but not limited to bridles, bits, bandages, jumping boots, hunter tails, show blankets, rain sheets or turnout blankets will be charged per item at $15/day per use to help pay for the wear and tear replacement.

Shipping: $1.75 per loaded mile with $75.00 minimum

Service Charge: A 10% service charge will be added to any payments made by Kama Godek LLC for services rendered on behalf of clients' horses. Including, but not limited to, entry fees, braider, farrier, vet, dental and chiropractic fees and supplements

Sales commission: 10% on all purchases, 15% on all sales and leases. In-house, 15% split between clients. Consultation/evaluation of horse: $125

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